Recommended Reading for September 10th

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The Future of Racing?

Wow. If you’ve got a few minutes to spare between 2pm & 4/4:30pm (EST) today head over to – yeah, yeah, yeah make your jokes but if you have any interest in very cool web technology you owe it to yourself put aside your preconceptions and check out their new “Trackpass: Raceview” feature.

In a nutshell, NASCAR is now offering a feature that gives you a real-time 3D view of the race focused on your favorite driver (or driver of choice). You can choose from three angles, listen to in-car audio from up to 40 cars or choose to listen to the radio broadcast.

Extra features include telemetric data (data from the cars) and real-time standings including lap-times, split-times & championship points etc.

NASCAR is running it as a free preview for today during the Gatorade Duels which are qualifying races for this weekends Daytona 500.

Where do I buy one? Amazing Touch Screen technology in action…

Came across this on the CrapHammer blog:

Some of amazing stuff from the guys at Perceptive Pixel. Reminds me a lot of the BumpTop stuff I saw demoed last year at DemoCamp – they share a lot of similar functions when it comes to photo interactions but I think the BumpTop physics engine was a lot better.

I love their examples here of how they use it to interact with information though. I can imagine it’d be a lot of fun to do mental model exercises in a system like that. Throw up the nodes, then start making links and dragging the around, too fun!

Some people keep diaries…

…this guy issues Annual Reports.

It’s the work of Nicholas Felton a designer/entrepreneur in NYC.

Just an amazing example of visual communication – worth taking 10 minutes or so and flipping through his site.

Absolutely amazing piece of work.

Found on the Adaptive Path blog (here)