[Follow-up] The Integrated Content Lifecycle

The Integrated Content Lifecycle

A quick post to update you on the Translation World session, “The Integrated Lifecycle: Creating a Foundation for Envisioning and Planning an Integrated Translation Lifecycle that I facilitated last month – A summary of the session, as well as the visual outputs, including a high-rez PDF, are now available on my site, here.

Overall I think the session went really, really well – we had a perfect mix of attendees (we had three of the four major stakeholders represented) and all had mixed levels of experience with integrated systems. I’m really happy with the final visual as well – I think we captured the important points and I know the attendees themselves gained a much deeper understanding of the process and discovered areas where integrating systems might prove valuable. Be sure to check out the full rundown of the session (including the process we used) and sneak a peak at the full-size graphic while you’re at it.

All of the outputs have been licensed under a Creative Commons, Attribution, Non-commercial, Share-alike license.

As a freelance facilitator and information designer, I can help your organization discover, define and develop your story so you can share it more effectively – If your organization could benefit from better explaining what it is you do, then I can be of help, contact me today.

Upcoming: Integrated Lifecycle Workshop at Translation World Toronto – May 13th

trans_worldNext week I’ll be running a half-day workshop at Translation World 2009 here in Toronto. It should be an interesting session, we’re going to work with the attendees to start to frame out a common language for specifying and mapping out integrations in the translation industry.

The full session description is below:

The Integrated Lifecycle: Creating a Foundation for Envisioning and Planning an Integrated Translation Lifecycle

Over the past few years, the translation industry has seen a huge evolution in the tools, technologies and standards available to help streamline the translation process. Clients, technology providers and language service providers alike are dealing with an ever-changing landscape of service and technology offerings claiming to help make the translation process more efficient. While many organizations are beginning to embrace this shift, the industry still lacks a common language to describe and specify how the various components relate to each other to create a seamless process. This workshop aims to begin filling that gap.

During this unique, interactive session, attendees will work together through a facilitated, visual process to define the components, standards and considerations for creating integrated, efficient, translation lifecycles. Further, we’ll look at how the various components and workflows work together. This workshop is ideal for anyone who has involvement in, or direct responsibility for the ongoing improvement of processes within their organization, whether they are on the client or vendor side.

Attendees will play an active role in shaping this common language and will leave the workshop with a new tool set for envisioning and planning integrated lifecycle solutions.

If this is up your alley, and you want to be part of shaping this critical tool set, I hope you can join us next Wednesday! Registration is $235 for the halfday session. All of the registration details and forms can be found here.

– Ryan

[Video] Driving Home From Ann Arbour

Driving home from Ann Arbor, MI today I thought I’d give me new Flip Ultra camera a spin…

Links to events mentioned in the video:

Ann Arbor Art FairMy photos

This Weeks’ Events:
July 22 – VizThink Webinar with Jamie Nast & Chuck Frey
July 23 – VizThink Austin 3
July 24 – VizThink Toronto 7
July 25 – VizThink Workshop w/Dave Gray

VizThink Toronto 7: July 24th

Just a quick note to let everyone know that VizThink Toronto 7 is scheduled for July 24, 2008. Details of the actual topic are still in the works but it’s going to be good! (Have we ever disappointed? ;) )

You can find all of the details on the wiki at http://wiki.vizthink.com/VizThinkToronto7 – capacity for this event is limited to ~35.

Also – a reminder about the Dave Gray workshop the next day, July 25th – there’s still a few spots left… it’s going to be a great day. Information & registration can be found here.

I look forward to seeing you out at one, or both, of the events!


[Workshop] "Visualizing Information" – A Daylong Workshop With Karl Gude & Dave Gray

If you’re in, near, or can get to New York City or Chicago in the first days of May I highly suggest you check out the upcoming day long workshops that we’re putting on through VizThink.

There’ll be no drab, droning PowerPoint lecture in this session – Dave and Karl are both dynamic & interactive presenters – not only are you going to learn a lot, you’ll have a fun time doing it.

I’ve had the pleasure of being in a few of Dave’s sessions over the past couple of years and hung out with Karl quite a bit at VizThink San Francisco back in January. Both are great presenters (their VizThink sessions were the highest rated across the entire conference) and all around fun guys.

If you need to give your boss some info to let him/her know more (without letting them know it’ll actually be fun too) then point them to the VizThink blog post (incl. below) – your secret is safe with me:

Visualizing Information: A one-day workshop with Karl Gude and Dave Gray

Participants will learn how visual thinking can be used to explore complex information and present it more effectively. This workshop combines high-level design principles with practical applications-–rules of thumb and “tricks of the trade”–that professional information designers use to quickly create clear representations from complex or potentially confusing information.

Participants will learn through a series of hands-on exercises, designed to develop their analytical, design and visual thinking abilities. Workshop facilitators Karl Gude and Dave Gray have, collectively, more than 50 years of practical, hands-on experience, creating visual explanations for national news media and multinational corporations.

Topics covered include:
– Introduction to visual language and visual literacy
– Strategies of information design
– Primary methods for organizing both qualitative and quantitative information
– Professional tips and tricks

Your presentations don’t have to be dull and ridden with bullet points. After this workshop you will understand how to explore, organize and visually display information of all kinds, from complex data sets to visual instruction manuals.

For registration and pricing information go here. The New York workshop is May 2nd, Chicago’s May 7th.

Hope you can make it out!

– Ryan