Less than 60 days until VizThink Europe…

DSC08788When I started at VizThink back in May, October seemed a long, long ways off. Now we’re under 60 days to go until the VizThink Europe conference and things are really starting to get busy.

Over the past couple of months Tom, VizThink’s CEO, has been posting a steady stream of facilitator, sponsor & programming announcements. As the weeks go by it’s shaping up more and more as a great lineup of people. Even if you were at the conference in San Francisco it’s worth taking a look at Berlin as, with only a few exceptions, the lineup of facilitators is entirely new. It is, for all intents and purposes, an entirely different conference.

I’m personally excited to meet (or reconnect with) many of the folks on the list already & especially excited about the Lego Serious Play based session with Per Kristiansen (watch VizThink podcast with Per here) – I have a feeling it’ll be one of the most popular sessions at the conference. If you want to see the full list of facilitators you can find it here.

DSC08637I’m also really looking forward to getting back to Berlin again – I was there last year (photos) for Localization World and I’m keen to explore the city a little more while I’m there. It’s a great city for a conference and there’s tonnes to do and see in the off hours as well (if you come definitely plan on staying a couple of extra days to see the city).

If you want to get some idea of content to expect conference I would suggest starting with our growing library of VizThink podcasts & webinars available on the VizThink blog – A lot of the podcasts are with facilitators who have already been announced so you should get some great insights into the types of topics or ideas you can expect to be covered.

If you have any other questions all of the information for the conference can be found at http://vizthink.com/vizthinkeurope08 and of course I’m around to answer them as well.

You can reach me through:

  • the comments here
  • my email (rcoleman (at) vizthink.com)
  • twitter: Me or the VizThink Account
  • skype: “ryancoleman”

I hope to see you in Berlin!

Walk Save €50 off the conference! Here’s a deal – drop me an email at rcoleman (at) vizthink.com and I’ll send you back a discount code for €50 off the conference that is good through August 31.

A Great Webinar, Dave Gray is coming to Toronto! and VizThink turns 1!

Wow – I hadn’t realize that I’d already gone two weeks since last posting. Needless to say it’s been a busy couple of weeks – since we last “chatted”:

1. New VizThink site
Part of preparing for the launch of the new community site (news coming very, very soon on that) was going back and making some changes to the VizThink public website to sort out some UI & IA issues that would have made adding a whole raft of new functionality to it very difficult. The redesign is live now – stop by and check it out!

2. Webinar with Nancy Duarte
Last week we had a great webinar session with Nancy Duarte, one of the presentation guru’s behind Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” presentation deck. Over the course of an hour, Nancy walked the almost 140 viewers through her thoughts and ideas around creating and delivering effective presentations though tools like PowerPoint or Keynote – then finished up with a great Q&A segment.

If you missed it don’t worry – the entire session can be found here on the VizThink blog.

3. Dave Gray Workshop coming to Toronto
This is one of the more exciting developments for me personally – originally the plan had been to hold off on workshops until after the summer but Dave was available and we managed to pull another workshop together, this time in Toronto!

Dave does fantastic sections and a major reason I’m doing the job I am today was the session of Dave’s that I attended back in September of 2006. Dave has a really relaxed, fun delivery style and is easily one of the top minds in the industry today – if you can find a way to get to this session I highly, highly recommend it.

Find out more, or register, here.

4. VizThink is 1!

That’s right! Today, June 25th, marks the one year anniversary of VizThink as a full-fledged business (the Toronto community events predate the company by ~4 months). To celebrate, Tom, Chris & myself each got a photo of us out for some ice cream and having a beer (the beer and ice cream were consumed separately) – a distributed anniversary party if you will.

We’ve put together a couple of posts on the blog today for the anniversary, stop by and check them out: Anniversary Celebration & The Story of VizThink

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Upcoming VizThink Conferences (Europe ’08 & North America ’09) Announced.


Tom Crawford (CEO, VizThink) posted a quick “Save the Date” on the VizThink blog announcing the next two VizThink conferences.

As I’ve written about previously, the first conference – held earlier this year in San Francisco – was a huge success and a great experience – if you missed it be sure to set aside the following dates:

VizThink Europe ‘08
Berlin, Germany
October 12 – 14, 2008
Registration Opens Next Week!

VizThink North America ‘09
San Jose, California
February 22 – 25, 2009
Registration Opens in August!

Keep an eye on the VizThink site & blog for further announcements as registration opens up.

Can’t wait!

– Ryan

PS: don’t forget about the upcoming workshops with Dave Gray & Karl Gude in NYC & Chicago in early May