Guest post on the MaRS blog…

I was recently asked if I wanted to contribute a guest post to the blog run by the folks over at MaRS Discovery District here in Toronto.

Their blog tends to focus on items that center on innovation or how to advance improve your business. Given that audience I wrote up a piece about Visual Thinking (surprise surprise!) and how it’s something that every organization should really consider and potentially take an interest in.

If you’re interested the post can be found here.

Samuel L. Jackson, in text. Big text.

Discovered this video via a post on the 37signals blog Signal vs. Noise.

(Warning: It’s a scene from “Pulp Fiction”, a Tarantino movie, so some of the language will make bikers blush)

It’s an amazing example of Visual Thinking at work even though there isn’t a single picture used in it. Brilliant.

For the curious, VizThink, went extremely well – full post will be coming over the weekend. It’s just been one of those weeks.

Some people keep diaries…

…this guy issues Annual Reports.

It’s the work of Nicholas Felton a designer/entrepreneur in NYC.

Just an amazing example of visual communication – worth taking 10 minutes or so and flipping through his site.

Absolutely amazing piece of work.

Found on the Adaptive Path blog (here)

A Visual look at the Translation Process

I created the following image a few months ago, following the Visual Thinking seminar I attended, and kept meaning to post it here but kept forgetting to.

Translation Process - Visual Thinking

It’s an attempt at capturing the major elements, or “Nodes”, involved in translating content. There’s a couple of omissions such as Translation Memory but I was trying to keep this a little higher level and avoided some of the CAT tools etc. The lines between each node represent a relationship (“link”) between the nodes.

I’d be keen to hear comments or suggestions you might have – for a bigger view click the image to view the Flickr page for the picture.