Designing for Visual Efficiency: Redux

One really cool benefit of working at BMO is our ‘Institute for Learning’ the home for our corporate training and major events in the North end of the city. Iwas invited to come up there yesterday and give my “Designing for Visual Efficiency Talk” to the staff there as well as with staff at our locations in Chicago and Milwaukee all in all there were about 40 in the room and an additional 100 or so online.

As we were using a special Virtual CLassroom app, and I had to make my 90minute presentation fit into 45 minutes, I had to do some redesign to my deck so I made a clean start and rebuilt it almost from scratch. (I was never super thrilled with how the first deck turned out either) – Working with this content has been an interesting experience as I’ve now packaged it as a 90 minute talk, a 45 minute talk and a 5 minute Ignite – it’s actually been really good practice for developing story and learning where/what to cut.  Continue reading Designing for Visual Efficiency: Redux

VizThink Global Conference – January 27-29, 2008

Well things have certainly changed since the first VizThink Toronto back in February of this year. Around the same time the first VizThink’s were happening here Dave Gray and some other associates were noodling on the idea of a global conference.

Over the course of the summer that “noodling” has progressed to a full-blown conference next January in San Francisco – and I’m pleased to say I’ll be facilitating a conversation on community, what’s worked in Toronto and how we can take the community model forward and help create additional VizThink communities across North America and hopefully, around the world.

Full VizThink conference details can be found on their site and I highly recommend you follow the VizThink blog as well.