10 Photography Quotes You Should Know


Yesterday I came across a post entitled “10 Photography Quotes You Should Know” by Hákon Ágústsson at the Digital Photography School. It had some great nuggets in it but it struck me as the sort of thing that really needed some visuals to go along with it – after all, what fun is a bunch of photography quotes without photos?

Long story short, I had a little free time this morning and decided to put a slide deck together – it was a fun little personal exercise and I hope you like it.I sourced all the photos form Flickr under the Creative Commons license and I’ve put this deck out there with the Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share-alike license as the strictest of the photos (that weren’t mine) requested.

The Presentation

The power of a nudge…

I posted the other day about a neat surprise of seeing Dave Gray had posted my VizThink1 slide show on his blog. I’d posted the slide show up on a site called slideshare.net right after the event a couple of months ago.

Up until 36 hours ago it had just under 800 views total from when it was put up. Following Dave’s post it started to get some views (and favorited a few times) – I guess that was enough traction for the “algorithm” to kick in and the show ended up featured on the home page.

Now, 36 hours later it’s quickly approaching 1600 views (roughly 1 view every 2.5-3 minutes) and was the most favorited slide show of the day yesterday.

When this kind of stuff happens I’m always amazed by how one small action online can now generate serious momentum behind an idea, event or “asset” – of course this is a pretty small, insignificant event in the grand scheme of things – bigger examples are happening everyday (Like what happened to the good folks over at Engadget yesterday) – but it’s still fascinating to see how one small post/action can nudge something or someone into a whole different orbit.

The “Butterfly Effect” at work.