Three Simple Steps to Creating Amazing Flixels

A few weeks ago a fun little app launched called “Flixel” – this little app gives you the ability to capture a short sequence of images and then control what is animated on screen. The app is free, fun and I highly recommend you try it out.

The tool itself is really straight forward to use and start creating with but there’s a few things you can do to help make the best possible flixels, so I thought I’d throw a quick post together and share what I’ve learned in playing with the app for a little while now. Feel free to share your tips in the comments too! Continue reading Three Simple Steps to Creating Amazing Flixels

10 Photography Quotes You Should Know


Yesterday I came across a post entitled “10 Photography Quotes You Should Know” by Hákon Ágústsson at the Digital Photography School. It had some great nuggets in it but it struck me as the sort of thing that really needed some visuals to go along with it – after all, what fun is a bunch of photography quotes without photos?

Long story short, I had a little free time this morning and decided to put a slide deck together – it was a fun little personal exercise and I hope you like it.I sourced all the photos form Flickr under the Creative Commons license and I’ve put this deck out there with the Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share-alike license as the strictest of the photos (that weren’t mine) requested.

The Presentation

Some recent Videos…

I got the urge to start mucking about with videos again over the holidays… embedded below are a couple of short videos I put together with some of my pics from last year:

1. Monster Jam

Shot at the Monster Truck show last year in Toronto at the Rogers Centre…

2. Wiarton Hockey

Erin’s younger cousin’s hockey team were playing in a tournament near us so we went to watch the game. The game ended up being their first win of the season so it was a fun one to watch.

I plan on doing a few more just to keep the creative juices flowing, and considering I took over 10,000 pictures last year there’s more than enough material to work with!

Check out my Photoblog
If you haven’t recently, be sure to swing by my Photo blog at it’s updated daily and, if I may say so myself, is on a pretty good roll right now images wise…

Photo Blog Redesign & Berlin Photo Series

I just uploaded a redesign of my Photoblog “Found in Focus” – swing over and check it out – I’d love to hear any thoughts or comments. If you see any display weirdness please pass along a screensnap and I’ll try and sort it out.

I also queued up a series of pictures from my trip to Berlin back in October this morning that will run through December (and resume in January). It’s a great series of pics, I was really happy with a lot of what I shot while I was there. So while you’re there be sure to subscribe!

– Ryan

PhotoSensitive Exhibit


On the way to work this morning I happened across a photo exhibit in Brookfield Place (formerly BCE place) – as I’ve mentioned before Brookfield Place is a great spot to encounter happy surprises in the morning as they regularly have something in their hyper-photogenic atrium.


The current exhibit is called “PhotoSensitive”. In their words:

“Photosensitive projects focus on realities with which North Americans are familiar including poverty, illness hunger, racism, ignorance, injustice. But it concentrates too on their antidotes: the hope found in the face of adversity, the laughter and love that make the difficulties of life tolerable, the simple pleasures that lighten dark lives. The photographers use the camera’s ability to tell a story, make a comment and spur viewers to action.”

More details can be found at