Common Sense Advisory releases new "Top 20 Translation Companies" list

The team over at Common Sense Advisory have released their Top 20 LSP’s (Language Service Provider) list for the year.

Nothing too surprising, except the fact that L-3 Communications bumped Lionbridge off the number one spot this year. The reality though is that the bulk of that revenue was generated through the services they’ve been providing as part of the Iraq War (I’ve written about the heavy casualties L-3 has experienced as part of that contract in the past).

The challenge? They lost that contract to another firm in the waning weeks of 2006. As a result there’s actually a good chance they will fall off the list entirely next year.

It’s interesting to note the hockey-stick like curve that you’d get if you graphed the revenues of the Top 20 LSPs. The Top 5 companies represent just shy of $1.5B in combined revenue while the bottom 15 represent just $647M. The 10th place LSP had less than 7% of the revenues of the 1st place organization – the 20th place organization had just 3.3%.

Either way CSA estimates that these 20 companies represent just 15% of today’s total market (Est. ~$10B) for languages services – so still lots of opportunity for all!

(Hat tip to Lauren from Translatus as I caught the news through her blog)