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Dramatic Re-enactments via Visual Thinking

Came across this story (via Jalopnik) – in Japan there’s apparently been a bit of a hunt on for a man who has been driving up to pedestrians and spitting coffee in their faces.

It’s a pretty basic concept that doesn’t take much explaining but for whatever reason they elected to create an animation to illustrate what happened:


The actual news report follows – it’s a bit slow to load so if you want to save some time there’s screenshots at the bottom of this post that will give you the idea…

Screenshots (via Japan Probe):


Sliced White Bread: A global product

Sliced White Bread – a classic staple of (North) American homes but, it appears, also a truly global product.

Via Digital Roam I encountered a great graphic this morning that depicted where all the ingredients that go into White Bread are sourced from:


It was published yesterday in the San Jose Mercury News (reg req’d or go here) and they’ve got a couple more illustrations on that page. A great example of visual thinking/expression – and also an interesting reminder that even something as basic as sliced white bread can be a truly global logistics challenge.