Mr. Crow goes to Microsoft

No, that’s not the title of an upcoming children’s book – David Crow, TorCamp‘s resident instigator and founding father, announced over the weekend that he’ll be joing Microsoft Canada as of the beginning of June as a “Senior User Experience Advisor”.

To some it’s probably a surprising move but I think it makes a lot of sense – and it’s good to see that Microsoft is interested in folks who aren’t just going to toe the line. David’s a take no shit kind of guy and I like knowing he’ll be calling it like it is with the boys (and girls) at MS.

His title may say “Advisor” but as with anything Crow sinks his teeth into I’m guessing the better word will be “Advocate” – which is good for all of us.

Congrats and Good Luck Dave!

(As an aside “Mr. Crow goes to Microsoft” would probably be a great little Graphic Novel)