Change Don’t Cost a Thing

A few months ago I was in a meeting where we were discussing the future vision for a set of technologies that would help enable employees in a variety of contexts. The challenge of course, is the ideal state of all of these technologies requires infrastructure – and it’s usually not cheap. As a result,just about every conversation came back to “Our infrastructure won’t support it.”

The default position of many organizations is to adapt the users behavior to fit the infrastructure rather than building an infrastructure to support the desired behavior. I suggested in the meeting that we needed to do a lot less of the former and really focus on the latter which of course, predictably, was responded to with “Do you have any idea what that would cost?”

Actually yes, I do.

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Enough with the "talking at"…

I’ve been reading Seth Godin’s blog for a little while now. Generally it’s good, and occasionally it’s brilliant. It’s in those brilliant moments, the ones where his story or observation really resonates with me, that I get motivated to click through to his page and comment on the story…

…only to find he’s got comments disabled.

It’s happened three or four times now and it’s frustrating as hell every time. Perhaps it’s deliberate – if you can’t comment then you might be more likely to post about it and then link (as I’m doing here) to him, but if that’s the case it’s a crummy strategy.

For someone who constantly pitches going the extra mile and paying attention to the details I have to admit it’s surprising. It’s clear the blog is a marketing tool for him, and I’m fine with that because it still delivers valuable information – but right now I walk away with the impression that he’s more interested in talking at me then talking with me – not a warm, fuzzy, positive brand experience.

So come on Seth, lets move beyond the 1.0 “Talking At” methods of marketing – let’s have a conversation on your blog and build community around your ideas & observations.