Cutting the Cord: Saying Goodbye to Cable

This past weekend we finally pulled the plug on cable in the Coleman household. It’s an idea we’ve been flirting with over the past year or so, culminating in me starting to take it a whole lot more seriously over the past 6 weeks or so. Truth be told, we essentially cut cable in our house a couple of weeks ago when I unplugged the primary cable feed coming into the house in order to jack in the Over the Air (OTA) Antenna feed.

Over these past couple of weeks we haven’t missed cable at all. Sure the kids have missed having something like Teletoon or Treehouse always there as an option but the truth is, they don’t watch a lot of TV and when they do it’s usually at times when at least a few channels have some sort of kid programming on. In fact, I’d argue we’ve been enjoying the programs we do watch live a lot more because the picture quality is far superior to the compressed feeds you get through a cable broadcaster. We made the switch over Superbowl weekend so we were even able to watch the “real” commercials on our NBC channel without having a Canadian broadcaster air their coverage over it.

We get roughly 20 channels in HD, including a handful that we couldn’t receive on Cable; for example, who would have thought that I’d have to get rid of cable to get a 24 hour music video station? (CoolTV) Continue reading Cutting the Cord: Saying Goodbye to Cable