November Hold Music

Well that experiment came to a short ending.

I got talking with the guys at ccMixter and it’s a pretty fuzzy line on the Creative Commons license (the full legalese version of the license, in my opinion, is pretty flaky) and there was no clear answer either way on how this usage would fall under the framework.

We all agreed, just to make sure everything was on the up and up, to ping the artists and see what they thought.

With a mixed bag of responses the one bit that shot this whole idea down was, unfortunately, the thing that makes CCmixter’s concept so cool. Just about every song on that site is a remix or built up of other artist’s music or samples. So to get a totally clear “okay” for a specific song I’d need to run it by everyone who’s music was used.

This is basically like asking a kid to have both parents, his grandparents and his estranged uncle to sign a permission slip – unfortunately too much work in this context. The risk also multiplies as it’s entirely possible that one song would have a sample from a major artist (Beastie Boys are among the artists who have contributed samples) and everyone knows where that could head.

So I’m going to have to pull the plug on this idea. I still think ccMixter is a great concept (and you really should check it out) but this avenue of exposure just isn’t going to work right now.