Listen To: 99% Invisible

One of my favorite podcasts over the past little while has been 99% Invisible. Hosted by Roman Mars (@romanmars), 99% is a podcast that looks at design & architecture but focuses on the ‘hidden’ stories behind everyday things.

Every episode delivers some interesting insight or nugget of wisdom and from time to time heads down some really interesting rabbit holes.

They’re also relatively short episodes, 15-20 minutes, so they make for a great mental snack size but also publish episodes frequently enough that you can stack a few up for longer listening sessions (I usually wait for 3 or 4 new episodes then listen to them on my commute).

Some recent favorite episodes:

  • Octothorpe: A look at the history of the pound sign (or now, more popularly known as the ‘hashtag’)
  • Thomassons: Bet you didn’t know there was a name for architectural ‘leftovers’
  • Cow Tunnels: Underground cows in Manhattan?

Highly recommend subscribing – if you do (or if you already do) would love to hear your thoughts / favorite episodes.