Get Informed & Help Stop SOPA. #stopsopa #sopastrike

If you go to many sites around the web today you may find that the site you usually expect to see has been replaced with a black screen (, & being good examples). This is part of a day of protest  against two bills being considered by the United States government called Protect-IP and SOPA.

These two bills arguably present the first front in a battle to keep the Internet open, free and uncensored. They threaten to hand the reigns of the web to multinational corporations, entertainment companies primarily, allowing them to have sites they don’t like blocked within the US and gives them the power to sue sites just for LINKING to other sites that may host or otherwise give access to copyrighted materials. The laws are vague, over reaching and variations of it will no doubt spread to Canada in short order if passed in the United States.

Get Informed 

Michael Geist has a great article on Huffington Post about why we should care here in Canada.

Fight for the Future published this great video that explaining why Protect-IP is a dangerous bill:

You can also check out the infographic put together by Wikipedia also has a good page outlining some of the challenges with these bills.

Make Your Voice Heard

Visit to see how you can make your voice heard.

If you’re outside of the US use this form to add your name to the petition: