App I’m Loving: Waze

Got turned on to Waze the other day by my friend Mike – in short Waze is a GPS navigation app for mobile devices that uses the users data, both passively and actively collected, to update their maps and provide traffic and other details. The app in turn uses this data to route you around traffic, give you heads up on potential speed traps and lets you know about things like construction or other hazards to be aware of.

It’s easy to use and oddly addictive they’ve put just enough game in the app to keep you interested in proactively adding data to it but also passively leverages the folks who just drive  around with it on and don’t want to contribute additional data on their own.  I especially love the touch of them adding ‘candy’ bonus points to the map to areas where they need more data about the road – a great way to encourage the harder core members to venture down that street. You can even have the system prefer to route you over those spots – don’t think I’ll be getting THAT into it, but you know there’s some keeners out there.

As I was off this week I haven’t had a chance to give it a go during rush hour but am looking forward to trying it out in heavier traffic in the coming weeks to see how well it alerts me to and routes around bad traffic.

Their site has a pretty good guided tour – check it out below. The app is a free download for most mobile platforms.