So I’ve gone and got myself one of those “Real Jobs”

After 13 years of self-employment, start-up & small business living I’ve gone and got myself a good old-fashioned job.

I’m excited to announce that as of Monday I’ll be joining the Bank of Montreal (BMO) as a member of their new Applied Innovation Team. My Official Title(s) will be Senior Technical Specialist / Applied Innovation Specialist and I’ll technically be part of the Enterprise Desktop , Messaging & Directory Services group but the role is dedicated to the Innovation Team which will be made up of a handful of people from different parts of the organization.

It should be an exciting challenge and it was one of those opportunities I just couldn’t turn down. Truth be told, the banking industry never even crossed my mind but a chance encounter at the Innovation Parkour workshop a few months ago turned me onto the position and it seemed like a perfect fit. Right now, I’ve got no idea what my day-to-day routine is going to look like as it’s a brand new position on a brand new team but I think that was part of the attraction.

I’m also really looking forward to being back downtown on a regular basis, since working from home I’ve felt a lot more out of touch with the community, despite all the so-called ‘social media’ tools out there – I’ll be splitting my time between a few offices, two downtown & one out in Scarborough.

What About VizThink?

VizThink will continue to thrive and isn’t going anywhere – with Michael Dila on board as the new CEO there’s great plans afoot for the community and I’m looking forward to seeing what emerges. I’m also not quitting VizThink cold turkey. While I won’t be working there I’m still a huge supporter of the community and will be contributing content to the site and helping out however I can. I’m also still more than happy to chat with anyone out there who wants to get a local community going in their neck of the woods.

Photo: David Sherret

  • Kaleem

    Congratulations, Ryan! Starting something new and different is always exciting and it's great to see you doing just that in a place that recognizes it needs to do do something new and different.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the whitespace in front of you!


  • ryancoleman

    Thanks Kaleem! Hoping to make it to DwD so we can catch up…

  • ryantaylor

    Ryan, Now you have cushy bankers hours we can get KidMakers® goin! *Joking* ;)
    Sounds like an excellent opportunity, BMO is very lucky to have you.

    Best of Luck my Friend.

  • Scott Pelton

    Congratz Ryan! You are working at First Canadian Place? I'm next door .. Can show u the Pho place sometime…


  • Dave Gray

    Congratulations Ryan on this next step in your career. I am sure the Bank of Montreal will benefit from your presence there.


  • James McNally

    Congratulations Ryan! I've been thinking about trying to get back into the corporate world, too. Good luck and hope the position turns out to be as interesting as it sounds.

  • Rayanne Langdon

    Sweet news, Ryan! Congrats! : )

  • Leila Boujnane (CEO)

    Ryan: congratulations! This is awesome and brings you downtown. Great for us. We will see more of you and I am hoping to hear about your new projects soon. Geek lunch soon?

  • ryancoleman

    Thanks Leila! Definitely Geeklunch as soon as I'm settled…

  • ryancoleman

    Thanks Rayanne!

  • ryancoleman

    Thanks James!

  • ryancoleman

    Thanks Dave… and thanks again for the opportunity you guys gave me at VizThink… looking forward to watching the community grow and I still remain a big supporter.

  • ryancoleman

    Thanks Scott – I'll be at First Canadian Place occasionally so will be sure to ping you when I'm in the 'hood…

  • ryancoleman

    Thanks! Truly hoping there's some KidMakers time in the near future…

  • Heather James

    Congratulations on your new post! I think the banking industry could use some visual thinking skills :)