Upcoming: Next VizThinkU Workshop on June 16th!

Late last week we announced our next VizThinkU workshop – details posted below:

A couple of weeks ago we had our inaugural VizThinkU course, Visual Note-taking 101, which from all accounts was a rousing success – so today I’m very pleased to announce the next VizThinkU course “Drawing out your ideas: Techniques for visual thinking, note-taking and presentations with Nancy Margulies, a master visual facilitator.

The workshop will take place online on June 16th, 2009 at 2pm EST (GMT 18:00) and will last approximately 3 hours. Additional details about this session are below.

Drawing out your ideas: Techniques for visual thinking, note-taking and presentations
With Nancy Margulies

June 16th, 2009 | 2pm EST (GMT 18:00) | 3 Hours | Online | $195/person


Watch as Nancy Margulies, a master visual facilitator, demonstrates the process of using words and images to convey ideas during this three hour online workshop. Using example projects from participants, Nancy will create visual images that conveys all the ideas and relationships among them while teaching you tools and techniques that can be taken back to apply to your own work.

Nancy has taught thousands of people to develop skills that enable them to record their ideas using images as well as short phrases. This skill will enable you to “think on paper” to gain a deeper understanding of complex systems.

With the skills Nancy will teach, you can map a given activity and then look at the consequences, unintended consequences, resources needed, and other factors so that you have the “big picture” and a truly systemic view. Or you can use visual recording to convey an idea you want to present to others, with images that make your presentation more engaging.

Nancy is the author of several books on drawing and visual recording. She can teach you to draw with greater skill and will give you a set of symbols you can use for everyday visual mapping. If you believe you can’t draw, prepare to be delightfully surprised.

Planning is another process that is greatly enhanced by visual recording. As a student of Nancy’s you will have access to templates that you can use as the basis of “planning maps” – planning for everything from a meeting, to a large scale event or even planning your future.

Sign up early and submit the ideas you would like to see visually mapped by Nancy. First come, first served!

Register now!

BONUS: Get the most out of this session by starting with visual Note-taking 101
This workshop is a logical continuation of the Visual Note-taking 101 session from last week – while it’s not a prerequisite, it will certainly help you maximize your experience with Nancy.

Missed it? Not a problem! To help you catch up we’re offering a special discount on Visual Note-taking 101 for the next couple of weeks. Everyone who registers for the workshop before June 9th 2009 will receive a discount code that gives them $50 off the cost of access to the recordings from Visual Note-taking 101. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

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