Twitter Changed – Everybody Panic!…

Im good. You? (ffg on Flickr)
I'm good. You? (ffg on Flickr)

… or don’t.

Ugh. The sky is not falling people – take a deep breath, stop and actually READ (& think about) what twitter announced yesterday. Based on what I’m seeing online most people haven’t actually stopped and thought about it.

It’s amazing to see people toss around “the death of discovery”, “the end of twitter”, etc. etc. just chill folks. They haven’t changed how your @replies page works as some people (this post for example) have assumed.

What they’ve done is made it so you can’t choose to see every tweet that every one of the people you follow makes. Are some people going to be unhappy, probably, but I’ll go out on a limb and suggest for the majority of twitter users don’t even use this feature. I know I don’t. In fact, if you follow any number of people it was pretty much impossible to use twitter with it on.

Put simply: Going forward you won’t see tweets from people you follow if it STARTS with an @ and you don’t follow the person.

For example, if I tweeted “@panic everybody!”, only my followers who follow @panic would see it.

If I tweeted “Everybody @panic!” then all my followers will see the tweet.

Got it? That’s all, this isn’t the end of the world. What it does is eliminate a whole bunch of noise and will evolve how twitter is used. The reality is, I’ve (and I suspect many others too) written my tweets assuming this was the case for ages now. I’ve deliberately moved @’s into the middle  of the tweet if I know the person I’m @’ing doesn’t have a big following.

When it comes down to it, this change will have no effect on most users (and I suspect most of the people complaining won’t actually notice a difference because they already had that option turned off) – by taking this feature away though it saves twitter an extra step in drawing your twitter stream which hopefully reduces the fail whale sightings…

Chillax folks. It’s all good.