Photo Blog Redesign & Berlin Photo Series

I just uploaded a redesign of my Photoblog “Found in Focus” – swing over and check it out – I’d love to hear any thoughts or comments. If you see any display weirdness please pass along a screensnap and I’ll try and sort it out.

I also queued up a series of pictures from my trip to Berlin back in October this morning that will run through December (and resume in January). It’s a great series of pics, I was really happy with a lot of what I shot while I was there. So while you’re there be sure to subscribe!

– Ryan

The End of War: A Graphic Record


I came across this image today when browsing through the newly released library of LIFE images that Google has scanned and put online. It’s an interesting image as it visually depicts the end of World War I as seen in wave forms of sound from one of the American’s sound ranging devices on the front lines. You can see it full size here.

The two splices of recording are from the few seconds preceding the cease fire by one minute and the seconds following the cease fire by one minute. It’s an amazing visual contrast and incredible to see a war end, almost as if someone had just switched off a light switch.

Catch me at FITC Toronto, VizThink San Jose in 2009…

I’ll be speaking/facilitating at the following conferences (so far) in 2009:

VizThink 2009 – San Jose, CA | Feb 22-25, 2009
The first one is pretty obvious (seeing as it’s my job and all) – February 22-25, 2009 I’ll be at VizThink 2009 in San Jose, CA for our North American conference. I don’t what exactly I’ll be doing there yet but I’ll certainly be involved and will probably end up facilitating some component of one of the general sessions. We’ve also got some other interesting format ideas percolating – I’ll share as they firm up/get decided.

Early registration for VizThink 2009 is on until November 30 – so if you’re thinking about coming it’s worth signing up sooner rather than later. It’s shaping up to be a great show, some crowd favorites are back (with new sessions/content) including Nancy Duarte, Dave Gray, Bob Horn and Dan Roam and we’ve got a whole host of new facilitators that will be announced in the coming weeks (like Indexed‘s Jessica Hagy – but you didn’t hear that from me ;) ).

FITC Toronto – Toronto, ON | April 26-28, 2009
I’ll also be speaking at FITC Toronto next year. You can see my session description here. Basically I’ll be laying out some fundamentals for designing data for presentation. The goal is to have participants walk away from this session with a solid starting point for creating powerful designs when faced with data-heavy content.

FITC’s super early-bird registration expires on December 1 and their early bird registration expires on February 1, 2009.

Other Events/Opportunities
I’m proactively working on getting a few other engagements together for 2009 – if you’re running a show/conference and looking to add some sessions with a little more visual focus by all means drop me an email to rcoleman (at)

There will also be a VizThink panel at SXSWi this year – Tom Crawford (VizThink CEO) will be on it with some other familiar faces from the visual communication issue. I’m twisting Tom’s arm to get myself down there so I can at least see it but either way, if you’re in Austin for the event be sure to check it out!

– Ryan