SummerCamp: A Toronto Creative mashup

A couple of weeks ago I got a Skype message from my friend Mark Kuznicki (a.k.a “Remarkk”)

Mark: this could be a master stroke of serendipity + genius
Me: uh-oh
Mark: so CaseCamp @ Circa, same night as StartupCamp at CIX


Mark: ALL the communities, together!!!

Knowing Mark, there were probably half a dozen identical conversations happening with other folks on Skype at the same time. In the span of just a couple of short weeks things have progressed from an “idea” to a full fledged event dubbed “SummerCamp” (the name made a lot more sense in last week’s weather ;) ).

Currently almost 300 people are confirmed and another ~200 are “Maybes” – needless to say it’s going to be a big, fun party with most, if not all, of the various TorCamp spin off communities (including VizThink) represented in some way or another.

SummerCamp runs at CiRCA (John St.) tomorrow, April 29th, from 9pm until they kick us out.

One reality is capacity – we’ve only got the second floor for the party and there’s a very real chance we’ll max out… which means lineups! There are some community Supporter ($15) & Community Sponsor ($500) tickets available which help defray the costs but also get your name on the guest list and a halo of good karma for the day.

Mark has all the details and links at his blog.

Hope to see you there!