Terminal VeloCity: An Innovative Approach to Mobile & Media Incubation at University of Waterloo

I’m blogging for wirelessnorth.ca this week at the ICE08 conference here in Toronto. The original version of this post can be found here.

Sitting in the “The Network Effect: Models for Canadian Collaboration” this morning at the ICE conference, panelist Sean Van Koughnett spoke about a new initiative he’s driving at the University of Waterloo – Called Velocity, and officially launching with the new term in September of 2008, the initiative combines a mobile and new media incubator with a student residence.

It’s a place where some of UW’s most talented, entrepreneurial, creative and technologically savvy students will be united under one roof to work on the future of mobile communications, web and new media.
It’s a place where students, faculty and corporate partners will be active collaborators and beneficiaries of the talent, ideas and innovations that evolve.

Source: Velocity Home Page

This is an idea I love – take a diverse group of students, give them space & support to conceive, nurture and grow their ideas and basically see what happens.

What’s great to hear is the university and supporters of the project have taken a laid back approach to deliverables with respect to this initiative, giving it the room to grow and evolve rather than artificially constraining it to demonstrate success in a narrow time frame.

Their inclusion of mobile as a key area of focus obviously interests those of us here at Wirelessnorth.ca – it will be interesting to see what emerges as it grows and develops over the coming years.