VizThink Conference: Just Two Weeks Today

It’s hard to believe that it’s crept up so quickly but the VizThink Conference is just two short weeks away.

At his last update Tom Crawford (CEO of VizThink) indicated that 325+ people had registered for the conference. Registration is still open – this page has all the details details. He also indicated that the hotel has stretched the discount rate by a few more days.

For the value conscious (or those, like me, doing this on their own dime) I got a good deal at the Chancellor Hotel just up the street (on Union Square) for less than $100/night and it includes free wi-fi.

VizThink on Twitter
Also – I was talking with Tom and offered to setup a twitter account for VizThink as well as the conference itself. The general VizThink twitter can be found at Right now this account simply reposts any blog entries and news coming from VizThink but I’m hoping to work with Tom to figure out how to improve it’s output.

There’s also the conference address primarily for those attending this VizThink Conference – . My hope is this account can be used as a bit of an aggregation point for anyone at the conference who twitters to find each others accounts. The premise is simple – If you follow this account I’ll ensure “it” follows you back – you can then use the list of who the account is following as a way to find others who are at the conference. Depending on adoption it could also be used as a way to broadcast any changes or announcements related to the conference. At the very least it’ll be a fun experiment.

Come Say Hi
If you read this blog & are attending the conference please do come up and say hi. I’ll be in town from the evening of the 26th to the 30th. Tuesday night is a bit free fall right now so I’d be up for a drink if anyone is around. You can reach me via email rcoleman (at) clay-tablet (dot) com or through Twitter at

Looking forward to it – hope to see you there!