A Whale of an Imagination

Imagination & Creativity is one of those things I don’t think you can promote enough in everyone, not just children… here’s a great video I got turned onto by Krispy from the TorCamp group:

A great concept, brilliantly shot & executed and rich with a couple of other, more subtle, messages.

With Oliver, my three year old son, we get to see an unfiltered creative mind on a daily basis. I can easily see how so many people look at a kids seemingly unhooked ramblings and try to squash them and explain reality to the a kid – there’s times where I catch myself starting down that path.

The reality is though pretending & other creative pursuits are great for everyone. Oliver surprised me this Christmas with how much he actually understood the idea of pretending. On our bathroom door my wife had hung a snowman door hanger. In a desperate bid to get him to the potty (we’re in the final stages of training him) she started making it seem as if the snowman was talking.

Oliver loved it and for the rest of the holiday all it took to get him to the potty was Mr. Snowman calling him. Mr. Snowman came for a tour of the house and I think he even made a couple of trips out to family members house. One day Erin was occupied and I had to fill in as the voice of Mr. Snowman. I admittedly was a little half-hearted in my attempt. Oliver’s response?

“No Daddy, you have to pretend like he’s real”