Looking back @ 2007

2007 Has been an interesting year for me on many levels – I thought it’d be fun to step back and take a quick look at the year I’ve had…

In Business…
Professionally it’s been an exciting year as Clay Tablet grew and continued to gain traction. When I left the office for the Christmas break we had a full head of steam, interesting conversations with even more interesting companies were happening on an almost daily occurrence. I can’t wait to pick it up again on Wednesday and keep the train moving forward.

I’m not one for a big prediction list but I’d be fairly confident suggesting that 2008 is going to be a big year for the language industry. It’s been close to four years now since the initial spark of an idea, that later became CTT, was hatched. In the first few years we all had a distinct impression we were treading water, waiting for the wave.

None of us can express what but something in the market changed in the last few months and I’m excited to see how 2008 unfolds. I think John Yunker nailed some aspects of the change in his post “The End of Translation as We Know It” – every show or conversation I come away from I’m left in almost perpetual “wow” mode as I hear some of the things that are in the works – technology is taking over, not to replace humans, but augment and improve the skilled resources that keep the language industry moving.

In Life…


  • 1 more kid – we welcomed Kai into the world on October 21.



  • 149 Blog Posts – On average one every 2.5 days… not bad.
  • 150 (Avg.) Subscribers
  • 203 Photo Blog Posts at my Photo Blog “Found in Focus
  • 3146 Photos uploaded to Flickr
  • 10000+ photos taken (8300 since July)

All in all it’s amounted to one of the most fun and exciting years in a long time. Hopefully I can build on it for 2008…

Best wishes to all of you for a healthy and prosperous New Year!

Thanks for reading!


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