What’s your manual translation process costing you?

The folks at PayScale launched a new little app on their site called “Meeting Miser“. It’s intended purpose is to let people get a real handle on how much meetings are costing them but in looking at it there’s other possible uses.

It doesn’t force you to have more than one person in the “meeting” so you can use this to get insight into the true cost of an individual’s tasks. For instance you could set it up and use it to track how much the process of getting content out of your enterprise and over to your translation vendors (and back again later) costs. All those IT & skilled project management resources will surely add up!

Just run the counter while you’re working on the given tasks (or even just get the math from the app and estimate times) then take that total cost and multiply it by the number of times you estimate this process is repeated in a given year. The results may be surprising.

LSP o/o’s & managers could also use this tool to get a handle on what the real costs of their translation managment process is when evaluation internal workflow products.

Check it out