Exciting things afoot at Clay Tablet…

You may have noticed posting has been fairly light around here the past few weeks – needless to say things have been a little hectic. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s been happening:

Clay Tablet Version 2.0

Most of my time has been spent as we put the finishing touches on version 2 of our product. It’s been an amazing process to take everything we’ve learned from the past few years and roll it into a new version of the product.

As we’ve moved through the past couple of years we’re the first to admit that the Clay Tablet software has meandered a bit as it attempted to wiggle into it’s space in the market. Clients, partners and even good old curiosity have a habit of pulling you in various directions and what we’ve learned is there’s a fine-line to walk in the middle ware game. It’s very easy to stray off the path and suddenly find yourself building out a TMS or a CMS.

So for this version we stepped back, stripped the product right back to the drawing board and then only put back the parts that were needed to make this the best of breed integration software for connecting Content Management Systems to Translation Management Systems & Technologies.

We also moved Clay Tablet 2.0 away from .Net and over to Java – so we can now run in virtually any operating environment and it’s been built from the ground up to support total flexibility from an infrastructure point of view. Databases, message queues and operating systems can all be adjusted to support the operating environments of our clients.

As the sign above says, the paint is still a little wet but we’re starting to do demos in the coming weeks – if you’re interested in seeing what we’ve been up to swign by our site and sign up for a webinar or demo.

Speaking of the Site…

New Clay Tablet Site

You can’t have a new product without a new site now, can you… While not busting my hump on the new product I’ve been spending a lot of time working with the marketing team to get our new site up and running. Swing by the new Clay-tablet.com and learn more about our integration software for the translation industry.


Last but not least, one of our core focuses as a business has been assembling the best set of partners in the translation industry. Our close relationships with both content and translation technology providers are what makes Clay Tablet a unique offering in this space.

With custom developed integrations between your content and translation systems you’re at constant risk of a patch, update or new version tanking your entire infrastructure on you.

To help prevent that we work closely with technology vendors so any surprises happen in our labs, not in your production environment. Because we can amortize this effort across all of our clients we can support a broad range of technologies much more efficiently than one-to-one or custom connections.

In the past couple of weeks we’ve had a couple of big announcements from a partnership point of view.

Today, we’re pleased to announce, we’ve signed a strategic partnership with SDL and to get their line of Global Content & Translation Management products connected to Clay Tablet. We’ve actually had Teamworks 2 & 3 support for a number of years now but we’re thrilled at the opportunity to expand our connectivity to their flagship TMS product.

This news, combined with our across announcement a few weeks ago, has caused a lot of buzz internally. We’re looking forward to taking the wraps off of some of the other connections we have in development in the coming months.

So, all-in-all, a really interesting and exciting day at Clay Tablet. If you’re at Localization World Seattle, stop by the booth (Booth #3)- Robinson and David are both down there for the week (I’m on a tight travel leash as my wife is imminently due with our second child)

Photo: _saturnine