Coming Soon: A Localized Facebook?

Came across this in my feed reader this morning:

Facebook, the world’s second-biggest social network, is working on translating its website into non-English languages as it prepares for an ambitious overseas expansion, according to people familiar with the company.

“Translation at some level is definitely on our radar. International growth is one of a few things that we are very focused on right now,” Facebook said. It declined to indicate what the timing was of a potential move into non-English language sites.

It would certainly be an interesting development – although they probably should have done this BEFORE launching the apps platform as I doubt many of the developers will have built their applications with language in mind. It could make for a very mixed-up and jumbled user experience.

  • Richard

    They never thought about the URLs either. doesn’t even re-direct to the .com address. How will they cope when facebookers want to post across languages? They’ll have to use machine translation due to the speed and volume of the comments and posts. Here’s a great one I use all the time