Sketchcasting – a great tool for VizThinkers

Got turned onto this idea by the Dilawar blog this morning. Basically, imagine live drawing a powerpoint presentation along with an audio dialog.

I can see this being a really effective tool for people trying to get across concepts and ideas as Richard Ziade did in the YouTube video embedded below:

A challenge I have with some charts etc. is, while they effetivly illustrate the point someone is trying to make, it’s often difficult to understand how they got to that point – which makes it difficult to take the concept and apply.

In the case of the video above the ‘caster, through the act of drawing the chart in real-time, takes you through the progression of thought that goes into building that chart and largely gives you the tools and understanding to take it away and apply it to your own business.

  • Vincent

    It’s mostly the same as a teacher doing some graphing on a blackboard. When you follow the whole thing, it’s fairly easy to understand but someone who happen to walk in the room once the graph is done might have trouble understanding.