VizThink4 Wrap-up

Last Tuesday we held the fourth instalment of VizThink. This time around Mike Jones, David Gelb & Martin Cleaver took on the task of presenting an introduction to Concept Mapping. With a crazy month between work & life, I was admittedly pretty hands off with this particular event – the three of them did a great job pulling it all together.


Martin took on the bulk of the presenting for this particular session but Mike & David both chimed in when they had something to add to the mix. Overall it was a lot of fun and highly interactive – the highlight of the night was the painter’s tape car that gradually appeared on the wall during the last group activity of the night.


As we peeled it off the wall we were thankful Malcom grabbed the high-quality tape for this little project – too late we realized that one roll of low-grade tape got used for the wall elsewhere and it unfortunately took some of the paint with it, so it looks like I’ll be having a one-man VizThink painting party at Indoor Playground in the coming weeks. And all this after Mark Dowds of Indoor Playground got a rather short 24 hours notice that he was having an event there – one of those “Oh, I thought you talked to…” moments between organizers. :/ Thankfully Mark is one of the most laid back, easy going guys in the TorCamp community though so we were able to make it work.

Overall the event was great – we had another crowd of ~40 people and roughly 75% (!) were first time VizThinkers. It seemed like everyone had a good time and I’m told the “VizDrinks” continued at Shoeless Joes until well past midnight.

All of my photos can be found here. If you were there and see yourself (or someone you know) please feel free to note/tag the pictures.

VizThink5: Vizionary Tourney
As I mentioned previously, the plan for VizThink5 is to keep things light and largely theory free while still getting the creative juices flowing – and what better way to do that then a little DIY pictionary ‘tournament,’ in this case called “Vizionary”.

I’d love to hear people’s ideas on how we can run it, but the thought was a bracketed format with teams of 2 or 4 (depending on how big a group we get) and use a best of 3 or 4 format to decide who moves on. We’d start out by having everyone create a few words each along specific themes and then start the games.

Things we need:

A Venue: Either a really accommodating bar or a venue that will let us do a BYOB affair would be great. A bonus would be somewhere with whiteboards or easels would be great.

Sponsors: While it’d be great to be able to offer up some food (Pizza etc.) what I’m really looking for is some folks who can help us come up with some fun prizes for at least our winners (or top three) and if possible some fun gifts/prizes for things like “Best Drawing” “Most Outlandish Word” “WTF?” (least coherent drawing) etc.

If you, or anyone you know, can help us out that’d be great. Food would be a couple hundred bucks depending on how many people we get out and prizes can be bought or donated.

I’ll be putting up the wiki for the evening shortly and welcome anyone with ideas to toss them up there. Let’s make this a fun little end of the summer VizThink…

– Ryan