VizThink3: Tomorrow night!

Wow, this event snuck up fast. When I originally talked with Dave Gray about him coming to (and eventually presenting at) VizThink3 it felt like it was a long ways off and in the blink of an eye it’s upon us.

It’s looking like we should have a great turnout – there’s 50 people registered and several more on the waiting list. I’d love to be able to get everyone in but unfortunately at 50 the room is going to be packed already (I usually would have suggested a cap of 40 based on the last VizThink).

Once again the event will be held at Indoor Playground on Richmond Street (Just East of Spadina). For the drivers in the bunch there’s a great, cheap parking lot on the Northwest corner of Richmond & Peter and it’s just a 30 second walk to the building. As I mentioned last time Mark Dowds offers up the Indoor Playground space to the community on a “pay What you Can” style and each of these events takes a few bucks here and there to supply etc. – so if you enjoy the event and see value in it please consider tossing a few bucks in at the end of the evening, all the proceeds go to covering costs/paying for space.

As with the last time we’ll post a sign on the door that tells you how to get the access code (if you remember the last one there’s a chance it’s still the same) – we’ll be on the fifth floor and down the hall.

We’ll have some supplies on hand but good things to bring if you have them: pens/pencils & index cards – I don’t know exactly what Dave is planning to present but it’ll no doubt involve you putting pen to paper and his paper of choice is almost always an index card.

I look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow night – if you’re coming and we haven’t met before please do come up and say hi – I always get distracted at these events with setup and takedown and always kick myself for not meeting more of the folks who come out.

– Ryan