Off to Localization World Berlin…

Later on this afternoon I fly out for Berlin to attend Localization World. I’m excited – this is our first show outside of North America and while I’ve spent a lot of time in the Benelux region and surrounding area (I lived in Belgium for a few years), I’ve never had the chance to get too deep into Germany – Berlin has always been on the list of places to visit.

If you’re going to be there as well please do stop by and say hi – we’ll be exhibiting as part of the GALA booth. I’ll basically be there from Monday morning until Sunday morning (ah, Saturday stay-overs – flights cost 1/6th as much staying the Saturday) – if you happen to be sticking around and are looking for something to do drop me a line, I’d be happy to grab a beer or something.

On Friday night I’m thinking about checking out this show that’s just down the street from the hotel it looks like a pretty funky lineup of bands.

I don’t know how the net connection will be there so posting could be really light over the next week – but I’ve got +/- eight hours of flights too so I might catch up on ideas.

On a sidenote — this is the 200th post on the blog. It took about 13 months to hit 100 and just six more to hit 200. Thanks to everyone you subscribes via RSS or visits the blog through the site directly.

– Ryan