It’s Alive…. Google launches multilingual search

Google has finally launched their new translation tool I blogged about here (and predicted here).

You’ll find it buried of the “More>>” link next to their search box and then click on “Translate” in the right hand column. Finally, click on the search tab on that page.

Or you could just click here.

For some reason clicking on “Language Tools” on the Google home page doesn’t take you there (at least not here in Canada) – but after some previous experiences with Google I can’t say I’m surprised.

All in all, it’s kind of neat but still not a final solution. From what I’ve read they really expect this to be used by non-English speakers to access more of the English web.

It would have been nice if they could have at least given you the ability to get results in English as well as one other language – Instead you have to switch into this whole other interface just to search in one language and get results back in one other language.

Not quite a vision realized, but a good start nonetheless.

  • Richard Sikes

    Actually, the company I work for, KCSL, has had multilingual search for several years. You can type in a search term and get results back of relevant hits in many languages.

  • Ryan

    Agreed – Language Weaver has also had a multilingual search component to their product for some time as well.

    But this is a big step forward having multilingual search freely available to the masses.

    Certainly one of my questions to Google would be “What took so long?”