E2.0 (a.k.a. EnterpriseCamp 2.0) – May 29, 2007

I’ve posted about the upcoming Toronto Tech Week (May 28 – June 1) in the past.

Well, the time is quickly approaching and one of the events of that week I’m most looking forward to is E2.0, a one day conference being organized by local TorCamper and friend Tom Purves.

The whole “Web 2.0” craze is great and the social tools that continue to evolve online get more and more impressive with the scope of their reach and effectiveness but what has generally been lacking visibility is consideration to how these tools and ideas are going to have a measurable (positive) impact on businesses, both big and small.

That’s where E2.0 comes in, its specific focus is looking at how using Social Media tools and other “Web 2.0” ideas can transform the way an enterprise does business.

With a growing roster of presenters, including a breakfast keynote presented by Anthony Williams, co-author of “Wikinomics” and John Bruce, CEO of iUpload, it is shaping up to be an interesting day. I’m personally working on a presentation right now around how enterprises can overcome language challenges with 2.0 technologies that I hope to have ready for the event.

There are still some spots available so if you’re looking to get some insight on how the new generation of social tools & web services can benefit your organization I highly suggest you check it out. The registration page can be found here.