BarCamp Toronto Tech Week – May 26, 2007

Coming up this Saturday (May 26th) will be the fourth BarCamp held here in Toronto – BarCamp Toronto Tech Week . As you can probably tell by the name, we’ve planned this Camp to coincide with Toronto Tech Week, a one week long celebration of Toronto’s vibrant technology scene. Unfortunately since the event is happening on the weekend (and BarCamps don’t really work on weekdays) we aren’t listed on the official schedule – so I guess we’ll have to settle for being the “unofficial” kick-off of Tech Week.

I’m co-organizing it with fellow TorCampers Will Pate, Mark Kuznicki, Bryce Johnson and Dan Kurtz and looks like it’ll be a great BarCamp. In addition to the usual suspects, there will likely be a handful of folks from outside the GTA in attendance as well as many people are in town for the (sold out) Mesh Conference taking place Wednesday & Thursday of that week.

Event Details
The plan at the moment is to get underway around 9:30am with a quick session for anyone who hasn’t attended a BarCamp before – we’ll use this time just to familiarize you with the “unconference” model and hopefully get you primed so you don’t spend half the day just trying to figure out what you’ve gotten yourself into (in a fun way). Doors open around 9am. (if you come earlier expect to be put to work ;) )

BarCamps in Toronto typically run until 5:30-6:00 and there’s usually a group of folks who go for an end of day beer at a nearby bar (shouldn’t be hard to find on campus). As usual we’ll have a healthy (and some of it actually healthy) amount of food & drink on hand for the day and lunch will be provided.

As is customary with BarCamps registration is being done via the wiki page found here. If it’s your first time editing a wiki don’t sweat it, it’s easier than it looks. Click “Edit Page” (you may be asked for a password – “c4mp”). Scroll down to the list of names. At the very end of the list add a new line and put “#”, a space and then your name. Click save.

For example:

# Ryan Coleman

In the unlikely event something goes horribly wrong don’t sweat it – that’s what versioning is for! If you have questions my skype ID is “ryancoleman” – drop me a message and I’ll be happy to help out.

See you There!
If you’re in Toronto over the weekend I hope you can make it out. From a quick scan of the current registration list it looks like we’ve already got an interesting mix of folks coming out for this one.