Why you should consider an integrated Localization/Translation Infrastructure…


At the Gilbane conference a couple of weeks ago one of the sessions in the LISA (Localization/Globalization) track was presented by some members from the team at Sun Microsystems who had been working to bring greater efficiency to their translation process.

Estimated savings attributed to a more efficient translation processes?


One of the key contributors? Integration between their Content Management & Translation Workflow/Globalization Management Systems.

They didn’t mention any ballparks for their investment in getting to the point they are at today but at $1.9M in savings I’m guessing it didn’t take long to get their ROI.

It’s great to see metrics like this starting to float out into the market. Translation/localization has always been one of those areas where organizations wanted to spend as little as possible getting it done. Convincing the higher-ups to spend money on technology/a proper infrastructure? Forget it. Numbers like this show that a little forward thinking and investment can offer an organization huge opportunity to save — and this doesn’t even take into account whatever increased sales or decreased customer support costs etc. that they may have seen as a result of having content translated more efficiently.

How much could your organization shave off below the line by streamlining your translation process?