Do you publish a Language / Translation / Localization related blog?

I mentioned the idea as a bit of a side note in my last post but I thought it would be good the break the notion out as a separate post. I’d like to put together a list/directory of blogs that focus on the language space – I’m always finding new ones and as I mentioned I think it is a great idea to try and make the industry as a whole a bit more visible to people outside of it.

If you write (or heck, just know of) a blog post that generally focuses on:

  • Language
  • Translation
  • Localization
  • Globalization
  • etc.

Please leave a comment here with the URL, Blog Name and Language(s) it is written in and whether it is a corporate or personal blog. If you also want to include a sentence that summarizes what your blog is about that would be good to.

In a couple of weeks I’ll put all the links I get up in an additional listing post which I’ll continue to add to over time.

If you know of someone who might want to be included please pass them the link to this post.

– Ryan

If you know of someone who’d want to be listed please pass along the link to this post so they can add themselves!

  • Anonymous

    Hello Ryan,
    I maintain a corporate blog for my company, McElroy Translation, at

    I generally describe it as: a blog where the intersection of globalization, business and languages meet. The focus is doing business globally with speakers of other languages.

    –Evan Norman

    You may want to check out the Translation Directory list of blogs:

    and my Bloglines blogroll

    for others.

  • Ryan

    Thanks Evan!

  • Don DePalma

    Hi, Ryan. We have the Global Watchtower blog. It’s about the business and practice of localization and translation, but we also comment on general globalization issues. We typically post once a week.

    You can get to it via (or indirectly through

    Don DePalma

  • Lauren Nemec

    Hi Ryan,

    I run a corporate blog for my company, Translatus, Inc.

    It includes internal company news, language profiles, articles about the industry, etc.

    Thank you!
    Lauren Nemec

  • Andrew Thomas

    Idiom Inc. maintains a corporate blog here: It’s primarily focused on general localization and globalization issues, but of course, often we do bring it back to our own tools and solutions.

  • brian

    The Worldwide Lexicon is testing TRIKI, a translation wiki system that pulls content in from participating sites. A site’s readers help translate the articles, which are re-published as web pages or via RSS.

    The key insight with the system is that a website with more than 50-100 repeat readers will have bilingual readers, some of whom will be interested enough to help translate.

    The project is free and is open source. The demo is pretty basic, but will evolve rapidly. Our goal is to develop a reference design for a process that can be embedded in many casual and professional publishing systems. (It’s not designed for professional translators, but rather ‘accidental translators’ who are interested in a site and have the time and ability to help out).

    Have fun.

  • thenakedtranslator

    Hi Ryan

    I’ve recently started a blog called There’s Something About Translation over at It’s a personal blog about my experiences as a full time freelance translator, and the new and interesting things that crop up every day in my work.


  • Michael

    Check out Margaret Marks’ Transblawg ( and her link list under Translation/Language weblogs.

  • ReallyEvilCanine

    My blog occasionally deals with I18N problems, like today’s, this one and this one. The language is a bit, erm, colourful.

  • Tony Ruscoe

    Not exactly updated on a regular basis, but SDL have a blog for that covers Machine Translation stuff. I know the plan is to update it more regularly, so it could be worth adding.

    Name: Blog
    Language: English (with links to Machine Translations of each post)
    Type: Corporate Blog
    Description: Regular updates about technology, products and services.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Ryan –
    The Gilbane Group provides a Globalization blog at We launched in Jan 07 and describe our mission here:

    Leonor Ciarlone

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