Try talking to a two year old more often…

Having trouble explaining what it is you, your product or your company does?

Certainly there’s tools like Visual Thinking/Language etc. but here’s another suggestion – try explaining it to a two year old. I’m lucky enough to have one of my own in house and I’m always surprised at how relatively complex things can actually be broken down into simple concepts when you’re faced with answering a “What’s this?” when it’s coming from a little kid.

Strip away the complexity and find what the basic, critical elements are and how they relate – you can always build it back up where necessary for the grown-ups but if you can describe what you do in terms a two year old can understand (or at least get the gist of) you’ll be able to explain it to just about anyone.

So next time you’re faced with explaining a complicated process or concept try breaking it down in terms a two year old can understand. You can use this as a foundation for clearly explaining the idea and then build on it visually if you want.

Use a real two year old if you have access to one – but pretend ones will do just as good.