Samuel L. Jackson, in text. Big text.

Discovered this video via a post on the 37signals blog Signal vs. Noise.

(Warning: It’s a scene from “Pulp Fiction”, a Tarantino movie, so some of the language will make bikers blush)

It’s an amazing example of Visual Thinking at work even though there isn’t a single picture used in it. Brilliant.

For the curious, VizThink, went extremely well – full post will be coming over the weekend. It’s just been one of those weeks.

  • Mark Kuznicki

    You really have to stop by the Beal Institute sometime for show and tell. Alex Manu and crew do some kick-ass keynote.

  • pearl

    Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for organizing VizThink! I dusted off the Post It notes and have found it useful for quite a few things already!

    (Would have emailed you this note but couldn’t find your email address anywhere.)


  • Ryan

    Pearl: No problem! For future reference you can reach me a ryan.coleman (at) gmail