Where do I buy one? Amazing Touch Screen technology in action…

Came across this on the CrapHammer blog:

Some of amazing stuff from the guys at Perceptive Pixel. Reminds me a lot of the BumpTop stuff I saw demoed last year at DemoCamp – they share a lot of similar functions when it comes to photo interactions but I think the BumpTop physics engine was a lot better.

I love their examples here of how they use it to interact with information though. I can imagine it’d be a lot of fun to do mental model exercises in a system like that. Throw up the nodes, then start making links and dragging the around, too fun!

  • Sean Howard

    I missed that democamp and have regretted it ever since!!! ;)

    Rosetta Stone. One of the most amazing pieces of software I have ever used. Kudos!

    Thanks for the link. Glad to have found your blog!

  • Ryan

    Thanks for stopping by Sean…

    Wish I could take credit for “Rosetta Stone” – ours is the lesser known Rosetta Suite, or at least was… it’s just one of a handful of reasons we’re in the midst of a minor brand adjustment :)

    Hope to meet you at future DemoCamps!

    – Ryan

  • Sean Howard

    Hey Ryan.

    OOps. Sorry about that. If it makes you feel better, everyone calls us spring-globe or even spring-roll. ;)

    Looking forward to meeting!