VizThink: Because VisualThinkingCamp was getting too long

For a few weeks now I’ve been gradually getting nudged (pushed, prodded, poked, dragged) by local TorCamper Mark Kuznicki to organize a Visual Thinking “Camp”. At first the notion was to put it on as a true BarCamp type of unconference and make a full day of out of it. But in all honesty, it sounded like a lot more work than I had time for and I’m not sure it would be quite the right format to get things kicked off.

So, after some pondering and discussion the plan is now to try and make this a semi-regular evening event (depending on interest) in a DemoCamp meets DesignSlam kind of format. Some of you might be asking “So what is it?”

Viz Think is intended to be a vehicle for the community to meet, learn and discuss the ideas around the notion of Visual Thinking. Ideally this type of session will give people the tools they need to express themselves in new ways regardless of artistic ability.

Each event will consist of an interactive presentation at the beginning followed by discussion and finally breakout groups where participants can work together to work through each others ideas/issues/challenges.

The first VizThink will take place on Tuesday, February 27, 2007 starting at 6:30pm for all the details, or to register (it’s free) visit the VizThink Wiki