The Future of Racing?

Wow. If you’ve got a few minutes to spare between 2pm & 4/4:30pm (EST) today head over to – yeah, yeah, yeah make your jokes but if you have any interest in very cool web technology you owe it to yourself put aside your preconceptions and check out their new “Trackpass: Raceview” feature.

In a nutshell, NASCAR is now offering a feature that gives you a real-time 3D view of the race focused on your favorite driver (or driver of choice). You can choose from three angles, listen to in-car audio from up to 40 cars or choose to listen to the radio broadcast.

Extra features include telemetric data (data from the cars) and real-time standings including lap-times, split-times & championship points etc.

NASCAR is running it as a free preview for today during the Gatorade Duels which are qualifying races for this weekends Daytona 500.