Photos by Photojunkie

Some of you may have noticed the new profile picture I’ve started using over the past week or so for my online profiles. Credit where credit is due, the photo was taken by a local photographer Rannie Turingan (a.k.a Photojunkie) and is part of a series he’s in the process of taking.

Rannie’s a well-known Toronto photoblogger and played a key role in instigating the Toronto Photobloggers community online. After meeting him at CaseCamp he approached me with the idea of taking a few photos as part of a series he’s doing on some of the local TorCampers as part of an effort to help build up his portrait portfolio. He’d already photographed Jay Goldman, David Crow & Michael Glenn with Mark Kuznicki waiting patiently on deck – and what I had seen looked really good.

Rannie's BarCamp Series 1

I’m Not Photo Friendly
It was perfect timing as I was just cursing my lack of any good photos of myself to use as a headshot etc. online – as I had mentioned in my profile before I’m a “behind the camera” kind of guy so it’s rare that I end up in front of the camera. When I do I’m usually wearing:

a. Sunglasses
b. a Baseball Hat
c. a Stupid Grin
d. All of the above

In the rare cases none of those apply I’m invariably:

a. Blinking

Needless to say it gets pretty tough to find a good “headshot” image out of that pile.

The “Shoot”
So, early last week Rannie dropped by the office and we spent about 30 minutes taking a variety of shots. As a photographer he’s got a nice, relaxed style is big on using natural light (it was just him and his camera) and has a really good sense of how to get a shot of people in a way that I think gives a pretty true sense of them.

The Results

Overall I’m really happy with the end results:

Rannie's BarCamp Series 2

If you want to see more of Rannie’s work by all means check out his Photoblog – And if you’re in the GTA and needs photos done I’d highly recommend giving Rannie a shout, you won’ be disappointed.

disclosure: Rannie’s taking of these photos in this case were “no strings attached”, he didn’t require or request blog mentions etc. I needed a head shot and he needed portfolio pieces, it was a win-win for both of us.