Translation: A deadly job?

In Iraq, yes, VERY.

In fact next to being a US Soldier it appears to be the deadliest:

Nearly one-third of all U.S. contractor deaths in Iraq since the war began in 2003 have been employees of San Diego-based Titan and its new parent L-3 Communications, according to new U.S. government statistics.

L-3/Titan, which has a multibillion-dollar contract with the Defense Department to provide thousands of translators and interpreters to soldiers in the battlefield and elsewhere in the Middle East, has had 216 employees killed in the Iraq war, more than any other entity except the U.S. military.

I’d heard this mentioned before but this was the first time I came across an article about the issue. Who would of have thought?

“(Linguists) are easy for insurgents to spot,” Hendzel said. “They are usually standing between two people and next to the commander. They, by and large, don’t have body armor and are not armed. It’s horrifying.”

Can you spot the translator?

Scary stuff.

Photo: Stuart Jones
Source: San Diego Union-Tribune