Rants about the F***ing Advertising Industry

I know recently I’ve had a lot of “disgruntled consumer” posts (like here, here, here & here for example) but the other day I came across George Parker‘s blog -“AdScam” – he makes me look like a content, indifferent, consumer/armchair marketing type.

I find his “unfiltered” rants about the state of the advertising industry (he’s an Advertising Creative Consultant himself) are hilarious – often hitting the mark exactly. If you want some consistently entertaining “rants” check out his blog.

He also recently published a book “Madscam” – something which I’m keen to pickup read (after I pay off Christmas).

In the process of writing this post found his other blog AdHurl which has the same acid tongue and wit but a little more “filtered” (PG Rated) then AdScam.