Google just doesn’t seem to want to play nice with itself….

I’d love it if someone from Google could provide a rational explanation for this.

The other day I needed to update my AdSense contact email address. I recently got my personal domain accepted into the Google Apps (Beta?) so I could now run all my family accounts on the GMail platform.

Head scratcher #1: You can’t use underscores “_” in email addresses on the Gmail platform. Unfortunately the public address I use has one so I had to change it.

Coincidentally this address was the one I used on AdSense. No problem, emailed Google explained the issue and asked them to forward to my un-underscored address.

Head Scratcher #2: The response I got…

Thanks for your email requesting a change to your AdSense login. When I researched our records, I noticed that your email address at is associated with a Google Account. Unfortunately, I’m not able to update your AdSense login to a Google Account or a Gmail address because our system doesn’t support this type of change at the moment. I sincerely apologize for the trouble this causes you, and I thank you for bearing with us as we work hard to extend this option to AdSense publishers in the future.

I can, however, update your AdSense login to a non-Gmail address or any other address not associated with another Google product. You can simply reply to this email, providing the desired email address in the body of your response, and I’ll take care of your request as soon as I’m able.

I was half temped to respond with a “You’re kidding me right?”.

Can anyone out there even begin to explain this to me?

What the heck are they smoking down in Mountain View?

EDITED TO ADD – Headscratcher #3:

Got a second response. I forgot that at some point I associated my work email with a Google Account too. So not only can AdSense not use any Gmail powered address but they also can’t use any email address that is connected to Google in any way whatsoever. I’ve got one last email that I *think* I haven’t created a Google Account for in the past – if not I guess I’ll have to go create a Yahoo account and go from there. Brilliant.