EnterpriseCamp Toronto

EnterpriseCamp Toronto is coming up on this Saturday – I posted about it a few weeks ago as details started to emerge.

Using the BarCamp format EnterpriseCamp will focus on how business can make use of emerging web technologies:

This event focuses on enterprise software infrastructure, solutions and development. Topics could include Enterprise 2.0, Business Intelligence Applications, ECM, Collaboration, Employee Self-Service, Records Management, Enterprise Search, Technology Infrastructure, Workflow Automation – It’s up to you.

Some topics that folks have suggested:

  • Ryan Coleman – I could put something together on Translation/Localization Workflow automation.
  • Carsten Knoch – Porting Web 2.0 to the Enterprise: stop “empowering employees”, start looking for ROI :)
  • Jevon Macdonald – Where does the software fit? 4 real enterprise 2.0 case studies
  • Peter Childs & Ian Graham – Calendaring in the Enterprise
  • Jeff Irving – I’d like to do a session on the value and practice of Domain Modeling during Requirements Analysis of Enterprise Applications.
  • Bill Dunlop – I can put together an overview of WCF.
    (NOTE: that is “Windows Communication Foundation (formerly code-named “Indigo”) is a set of .NET technologies for building and running connected systems.” for the acronym impaired… :-)
  • James Christopher – HPC applications and Visualization, how organizations use technology for competitive advantage and value creation.
  • Michael Jones – I’m presently teaching a course on e-business technologies in the joint UTM/Sheridan Communication Culture and Information Technology program. I’d be interested in doing a focus group style session on what types of skills industry would appreciate seeing from graduates of our digital enterprise management program, and recruit potential guest speakers and industry mentors for this and similar classes in the program.

Other topics will absolutely emerge on the day – and if there’s something you want to talk about/hear about float it on the Wiki.

There’s about 25 spots left for anyone who is interested. You can register via the BarCamp wiki page. If you’re new to wiki’s feel free to drop me an email and I’m happy to help — but it’s dead simple.

Help Feed Hungry Geeks
If you’re a business that plays in the Enterprise 2.0 space we’re still in need of a couple of sponsors for the event lunch. At the very least you get a few blog posts thanking your for supporting the community – at most you get that plus 60-80 happy, grateful geeks some of whom may also blog their thanks for your support. If you’re interested in helping out Bryce Johnson is the guy to talk to (or you can email me via my profile and I can put you in touch).

Either way hope to see you on Saturday.