EnterpriseCamp Roundup

As I posted earlier, EnterpriseCamp was this past Saturday. Navantis was kind enough to donate space and, along with Microsoft, sponsor the food for the day.

All in all I think it was a big success – a good group of people with a lot of diverse backgrounds & experience. As it seems to be the case with these events it was about a 50/50 mix of first timers and repeat offenders. (One thing we as a community do need to figure out is why there is so much turnover from event to event)

Thought Provoking
I personally walked away with a long list of things to contemplate, share and blog about as a result of the discussions I had during the event. Although billed as, and largely remaining true to, an “Enterprise” themed event the topics were wide-ranging both in and out of sessions.

What really became clear for me is how enterprises treat information is in the process of making a dramatic shift. The way I see it, until recently, “information” was largely something that everyone in an organization was expected to capture in a multitude of forms but only a select few we’re able to access, view and manipulate the aggregate.

In the new model Information will become much more broadly available to resources up and down the corporate hierarchy, people will be able to aggregate, manipulate and reference information in views that are relevant to them rather then in the form someone three pay scales higher up the ladder determined was “the best” way to view that information.

Information, the new utility?

At the end of the day the notion that came to me during the day is the idea of treating “information” as the new utility (Hydro, Water, Information) within an organization. The “Information” bucket encompasses the networks, Internet, local data stores etc. – like electricity & water it’s an (almost) always on resource that depending on the appliance you use to harness it you can perform a multitude of tasks with it.

I’m working on a more in depth post on the notion and hope to get it up this week.

As is the case with any BarCamp style event, the participants are to thank for the excellent content & discussion but these events wouldn’t happen if someone didn’t step up and find a home for it. In this case, a big congratulations & thanks goes to Bryce Johnson as well for a great event.

Although a handful of us were listed as “organizers” on the Wiki, this event wouldn’t have happened without Bryce. Bryce got the space, the sponsors and planned the date. The extent of my “organizational contribution” was largely getting there a bit early and filling the coolers with pop & ice. So, Thanks Bryce!

Next Up
No date has been announced for the new & improved DemoCamp but I know David, Jay & Joey have had some ideas for tweaking the format and I’m sure they’ll be rolling it out soon enough.

Also, no details are for sure yet but I know there’s been discussion of a BarCamp to coincide with Toronto Technology Week at the end of May. As soon as details are available for either I’ll be sure to post them here.

James Woods & I are also working on a new idea/concept that hopefully will be in good enough shape to share within the next couple of weeks. :)