RSS – Airing your Dirty Laundry for all to see?

As a follow on to “Beware the All Seeing RSS Feed” I was amused to read about yet another “Found in the Feeds” post today on Tom Raftery’s blog. It seems that there was a parting of ways today in the TechCrunch community today after a disagreement between Mike Arrington & Sam Sethi over comments made about the “Le Web 3” show in Paris this past week (another odd story unto itself that’s been filtering out over the past few days).

Tom wrote:

Sam put up a post on TechCrunch UK saying he and Mike had parted ways but that post has been deleted also. I found it in my RSS reader and it said:

I wonder, is this something we’re going to see pop up more and more frequently as RSS spreads (further) beyond the blogging community and how long is it until something important accidentally sneaks out in the world? How do you fix it?

You can get to Tom’s full post here – might be worth a read as the ‘sphere could be buzzing about the “dismissal” for a few days…