One hundred. (100)

As I cracked open Blogger on Sunday I realized that my previous post was #99.

I stopped for a second and suddenly questioned what I was about to post – was it good enough to be the 100th post? Does it even matter?.


I aborted the post and stared at the Dashboard screen for a little longer.

I know it’s a silly notion – at the end of the day 100 is just another number – but at the same time though I looked at it as a pretty good milestone, largely because I was still posting.

Above and below this blog in the dashboard are other blogs I’ve started, or thought about starting, with very few (or no) posts in them. I’m a good starter but I can admittedly be as fickle as a two year-old and quickly lose interest.

So for the past few days I’ve sat here discarding post ideas as “unworthy” for the 100th post and generally getting nowhere with the blog and it’s time to move in.

So, 100 posts later. Here it is. Not particularly witty or insightful, it is what it is. I’m certainly feeling James Woods’ (no, not THAT one) “Finding your Voice” pain a bit when it comes to this post.

So some thanks and thoughts:

For those that have subscribed to the feed, or just visit periodically thanks.

For those who come here after searching for info about the confusion over what the name of Tom Cruise’s baby really means – move on… it was months ago. Suri is a silly name anyways, and (as someone who grew up with at least 1 or 2 other Ryan’s in every class in school) your kid will probably resent you for following the fad. It sounds unique now, but that’s what everyone else is thinking.

Lastly, for those who end up here searching for “Found in Translation” I’m dying to know what you’re searching for, purely out of curiosity – it’s an odd search but I get a lot of hits from it. My ego would love to think you’re looking for the blog but I somehow doubt it.

In a moment of pure vanity – as I mentioned above Ryan isn’t that uncommon a name, neither is the combination of “Ryan” & “Coleman”. I actually met another Ryan Coleman when buying my last car, he worked in the dealership. To be honest it weirds me out that there’s another “me” that I know about close by – I don’t mind the distant one’s so much. As a result though showing up on Google is tough work – a year ago I was buried way down in the boonies (10-12 pages) of Google-dom. Recently though things have taken an upturn though and I’m now #3 behind a Fishing Guide & some unknown Child Actor. Sweet.

A final Tidbit – this is perhaps the most bizarre Google result I top the charts on but I’ve actually gotten hits through it: Link. Very random thanks to a typo on my part but still, very odd.

Now, on to the backlog.

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